Welcome to Faresaver - let us save you some money!

Welcome to Faresaver, we over 500 examples of easy-to-follow split-ticketing options from a cross-section of stations throughout the country plus other fare-saving ideas totalling over 1500 real, actual examples, so if you're serious about saving money on your rail fares take a look for some great ideas!

Rail fares are ever-increasing upwards and will continue to do so, for today's rail traveller it is a huge strain on the purse strings and it's time to hit back!

There are easy ways to save money on your rail tickets, in some cases, lots of money, it's just knowing where to find them - well we know where they are, and we are going to show you!

Many seasoned rail travellers split their rail tickets for their journey and save themselves a lot of money. It's perfectly legal and acceptable to buy two or more tickets between intermediate stations on your journey but how do you do it and where do you start? We show you hundreds of actual examples of real split tickets and what you can save.
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